Building Traditions

As we enter our nineth year, the physical foundations of our College are in place and our construction program complete. In a more important sense, the work of building the school continues. Every member of our school family – students, teachers, parents, Church and community – is a builder, sharing in our mission to prepare young Australians for the century ahead.

We are led by the example of our Patron, St John Paul II, widely recognised as one of the most influential and enlightened leaders of modern times. His achievements over the course of his twenty-seven year reign shaped the pattern of the twentieth century. We honour his legacy in our College motto: Justice, Courage and Peace.

Living our values means seeking out ways to serve, in and outside our school community. Every year, our students bring ideas that grow over time into traditions.

We are proud participants in initiatives like the St Vinnies Sleep-out – hosting our own sleep-out on the school grounds – and have established partnerships with a number of local and national community organisations.

Peer support networks within the school, such as our Indigenous Group, reflect the diversity of our community and our students’ keen interest to learn from other cultures and traditions.