Courses Offered at JPC in 2022

Religious Studies Behavioral Science
Religious Studies (T/A)

Psychology (T/A)

Sociology (T/A)

English Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE)

English (T)

Literature (T)

Essential English (A)

Business (T/A)

Economics (T/A)

Global Studies (T/A)

History Integrated (Ancient & Pre Modern) (T/A)

Legal Studies (T/A)

Modern History (T/A)

Philosophy (T/A)

Mathematics Languages

Specialist Mathematics (T)

Specialist Methods Mathematics (T)

Mathematical Methods (T)

Mathematical Applications (T)

Essential Mathematics (A)

Continuing Chinese (T/A)

Continuing French (T/A)

Science Physical Education and Health

Biology (T/A)

Chemistry (T)

Earth and Environmental Science (T/A)

Flight (T/A)

Human Biology (T/A)

Physics (T)

Exercise Science (T/A)

Health and Wellbeing (T/A)

Outdoor and Environmental Education (T/A)

Sports Development (T/A)

Physical Education (A)

The Arts


Dance (T/A)

Drama (T/A)

Media (T/A)

Music (T/A)

Photography (T/A)

Visual Art (T/A)

Design & Emerging Technologies (T/A)

Design & Graphics (T/A)

Designed Environments (T/A)

Digital Technologies (T/A)

Robotics and Mechatronics (T/A)

Networking & Security (T/A)

Design and Textiles (T/A)

Timber Products (A)

Vocational Education and Traning


  • Hospitality Studies (T/A/V) VET
    • SIT10216 - Certificate I Hospitality
    • SIT20316 - Certificate II in Hospitality

  • Construction Pathways (C) VET
    • CPC20220 - Certificate II in Construction Pathways


  • Live Production and Services (C) VET
    • CUA20220 - Certificate II in Creative Industries
    • CUA30420 - Certificate III in Live Production and Services