Independent Learning Time (ILT) in the Senior Years

In the senior years, ILT provides further unique advantages and opportunities.

The ILT structure at JPC ensures that our timetable easily satisfies the 55 hours required by the Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) for each subject in each semester, without having to resort to lessons outside the regular school day. Many other Colleges need complicated and prolonged school days to achieve this.

ILT also provides the perfect avenue for students to readily access one-on-one academic support and guidance from a range of teachers. As teachers are “on the floor” rather than behind a classroom door teaching another class, senior students can easily seek individual assistance from multiple teachers from a range of disciplines during the day or even a single lesson.

ILT has the flexibility to easily enable to delivery of senior programmes via:

  • subject tutorials
  • extended exam times if needed
  • scheduling of Oral Presentations
  • scheduling of field trips and practical work
  • supporting students with particular gifts and talents to access internal and external programmes.

This flexibility extends beyond the College, providing students with the ability to access a variety of external learning experiences and opportunities outside of the College without impacting upon formal classes. This includes Structured Workplace Learning for vocational subjects, commitments to training such as School Based Apprenticeships and the ability to access gifted and talented opportunities such as elite sporting programmes and university extension courses.

In a traditional college timetable, these activities can often be difficult to schedule without impacting other formal classes.

"JPC has aided me to greater extents than I thought possible. ILT has brightened my organisation skills, Menotring has unearthed my ability to talk to someone happily without worry about any problems, and the people that make up the JPC community create an atmosphere beyond magnificent"
- Logan MacMahon – 2019 Graduate

"I really appreciate the student and teacher relationship at JPC. I am able to access my mentor teacher at any time and is always there to support me when I need" - Jasmine Fisk – 2018 Graduate