Our Vision & Philosophy

Opening hearts and minds for the future

A student commencing high school next year can expect to enter the workforce, and work well into the 2070s. Can we imagine what their world will be? Can we teach them all the skills they will need to master? Can we give the answers to the challenges they will confront?

We can’t.


But we can prepare our students to find a true path through that unknown world: with the courage to change, the curiosity to learn, and the conviction to live a life of meaning.

St John Paul II College is a thriving school community embracing the challenge of the twenty-first century. We are leaders in the educational philosophy of Self-directed learning, an evidence-based approach that recognises the unique potential in every student.

Our mission is not simply to impart a set of facts – but to draw out the hunger to learn.

Teachers work one-on-one with students and families to set high goals and develop personal learning pathways. They capitalise on a student’s own interests and passions, finding the hooks to engage their curiosity, within a safe and supported environment.

As one of Canberra’s most modern campuses, we offer the best of teaching and learning technologies and a contemporary range of subject choices.

Our approach is firmly grounded in the values and principles of the Catholic tradition. We seek to empower our students to take responsibility for their wellbeing, and contribute to the wellbeing of others, with compassion and understanding.

This ethos of stewardship is built into all we do, from our health and wellbeing program, to our Sustainability classes, to our canteen with freshly-made meals from our kitchen garden.

We celebrate diversity, welcome the rich mix of faiths and cultures in our Gungahlin community and believe in the potential of every student.


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