School Fees

2022 School Fee Itemisation

Student Year CEO Tuition College Levy Camps & Retreats  Building Fund (Per Term)
(Per Family)
Total Per Term
(inc. Building Fund)
7 $1,129.00 $664.00 $408.00
(Term 1 Only)
$189.00 $2390.00
(Term 1 Only)
8 $1,129.00 $664.00 - $189.00 $1982.00
9 $1,160.00 $664.00 $266.00
(Term 3 Only)
$189.00 $2013.00
(Term 1,2 & 4)
(Term 3)
10 $1,160.00 $664.00 - $189.00 $2013.00
11 $1,409.00 $664.00 - $189.00 $2262.00
(3 Term Billing)
$1,878.67 $664.00 $217.00
(Term 3 Only)
$252.00 $3016.00
(Terms 1 & 2)

CEO Tuition Fee

The fee set by the Catholic Education Commission and collected by the College, to support the curriculum, pay all salaries and the CEO Levy, which administers Catholic Education in the Archdiocese.

Sibling Discounts apply to Tuition Fee only:

Oldest Child Full Fee
Second Child 20% Discount
Third Child 50% Discount
Fourth Child 100% Discount

College Levy

Covers costs associated with general resources (e.g subject and school consumables), and facilities such as information technology support, Information Centre physical and online resources, sustainability initiatives, digital training programs, fitness and sporting equipment and upkeep, transportation to school carnivals and small excursions, counselling services, cost of local excursions, cost of educational initiatives and to support costs with College’s ongoing grounds improvements and maintenance program.

Canberra Catholic Schools Building Fund (CCSBF)

Monies collected by the Diocesan school attended by the oldest child and used to meet basic maintenance and to pay for building of new Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese in the ACT. This is set by the Catholic Education Commission. This is a voluntary payment and is tax deductible.

Year 12 Fees

Total annual fees are invoiced in three terms rather than four – Term 1, 2 and 3 only. All Year 12 School Fees must be paid by the end of September 2022.

Please see School Fees Policy for full details of payment obligations: School Fees Policy

  • Year 7 Students attend Camp in Term 1. The cost of this is $408.00, which is added to the Term 1 Fees.
  • Year 9 Students attend Camp in Term 3. The cost of this is $266.00, which is added to the Term 3 Fees.
  • Year 12 Retreat is held in Term 3. The cost of this is $217.00, which is added to the Term 3 Fees.
  • Year 11 & 12 Design Technology – Students will be charged based on materials used per semester


Payments can be made by:

  • Direct Debit Form JPC
  • Credit Card (BPoint)
  • Internet banking
  • BPAY
  • Paying in person with cash, cheque, EFTPOS, MasterCard or Visa Card or through the relevant section on the Fee Statement
  • Paying over the telephone with MasterCard or Visa Card
  • Paying via Mobile Telephone Application (App.) Called Qkr! This is managed by MasterCard via the Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Qkr Click Here for instructions on how to use Qkr!

In addition to this parents purchase an iPad for their son or daughter.