Community Council

St John Paul II College has achieved some significant milestones over the past 6 years. This year we reached a cohort of approximately 800 students, with an intake of 208 Year 7 students being the largest in the college’s short history and reaching a team of 88 Teachers and support staff. This will grow even further in 2019 with just over 200 Year 7 students joining us again, eventually reaching around 1,000 students over the coming years.

Our Principal Catherine Rey and the Leadership Team in conjunction with the Catholic Education Office are responsible for the day to day operation of the College with the Council providing a governance structure, similar to that of a Board for a corporation.

The council has responsibility for providing feedback and making decisions on behalf of the school community in relation to areas such as:

  • Supporting the development of the Catholic identity, ethos and mission of the school.
  • Supporting pastoral care strategies in the school community.
  • Promoting the school in the local community, supporting the engagement of parents and providing a forum for feedback from the school community.
  • Developing, approving and monitoring the annual budget, including school determined levies, loan commitments and the fees collection and remission policy.

The Council meets approximately 6 times a year and Council members will also contribute to activities outside meetings in support of College activities.

Our current council:

Parent Representatives

Brett Russell – Deputy Chair

Fiona Collis

Jim Fisher

Evan Thomas

Catherine Morris

Staff Representatives

Catherine Rey – Principal

Keith Vardanega – Business Manager

Stephanie O’Meara – Assistant Principal

Ann Cleary – Assistant Principal

Jen Tually – Staff Representative

Kris Davis – Secretary to the Council

Parish Representatives

Father Mark Croker

Alison Weekes – Parish Council

For more information or to contact the Council please email