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Moodle is JPC’s Online Learning Platform. This is where students and parents can access all of the digital learning resources required for their classes. Course outlines and assessment items are also located on Moodle and students may be required to submit their work on Moodle as well. Parent information sessions are run at the beginning of the year to enable parents to familiarise themselves with Moodle.

There is a Parents’ Page on Moodle containing a range of resources for parents. These include Excursion notes, Absentee notes, documentation from Information Evenings and relevant research papers. Parents access Moodle using the family logon and password which is their child’s password and login.


Qkr! is the payment method for:

  • Excursion Permissions
  • School Payments - Extra Curricular Activities/Electives/School Clubs
  • Music/Band
  • School Fees (other options are available, please email the finance office here)

Excursions - All Excursion permission forms are to be completed through Qkr! If there is no cost associated with the excursion, the form still needs to be completed through Qkr! 

Further information on how to install Qkr! or how to complete an excursion permission form is available on our website here


My Monitor

Monitor is the Point-of-Sale system which is used at the JPC Canteen to pay for any purchases.

Students will be issued a 'Student Key' to access the Monitor Point-of-Sale system online when they start at JPC. This will enable them to top up their Student account with money either online or at the kiosk located opposite the College office.

Students will need to share the 'Student Key' with their parents/carers so they can link the student account and enable the parent account for top-ups and account balance enquiries.

Click here for the My Monitor Link

Further help is also available from the Monitor portal here



The Sentral Parent Portal, provides parents with access to key information about their student, book appointments for the
Parent-Teacher-Student interviews.

An email will be sent to families when Parent-Teacher-Student interviews are available online to book and how to access the Portal.

To access the Parent Portal go to

  • You must use a valid email address to create your username.
  • Once successfully registered you will be prompted to enter your username (email address) and the password you created.
  • To see information from the school and to link to your enrolled student, you will need an access key which will be emailed to you.

The URL for continued access to the portal is:

Should you experience difficulties please do not hesitate to contact IT Support for assistance - email