All absences from school (partial and/or full day) must be explained in writing. A note or email from an address recorded on file for a parent or carer will be accepted. A telephone call is no longer sufficient as all attendance is required to be stored digitally.

  • An SMS Alert will be sent to parents each day if a student is absent from Pastoral Care and Period 1 Class without prior notification. Parents can reply to the SMS with the reason for the student's absence. No further action is required if you reply to the SMS.
  • The preferred method of notification of full-day absences is through Sentral Parent Portal - Absences

If a student needs to leave the school during the day, an email must be sent to the College Office
(office.jpc@cg.catholic.edu.au) and the student must be copied in (use student email address) from their parent/carer so they can show their teacher at their departure time. The student is to then present themselves with at the student office to sign out.

If no note or email is provided, students must be signed out in person by a parent or carer. Early departure should only occur during Lunch or Recess, or between Periods to avoid disturbance to other students.

Parents arriving during the day to collect students without prior notification will be asked to wait until Lunch or Recess, or between Periods unless there is an emergency. If something has come up unexpectedly and you need to collect your child, we ask parents to email their child using their son or daughters’ school email address and copy in the college office (office.jpc@cg.catholic.edu.au) into the email so they are aware. The student is to show the teacher the email message if they need to leave class.

The JPC Attendance policy sets out the requirements for Attendance and Absence reporting.

Extended Leave

Applications for longer-term absences need to be made to the Principal and attendance requirements specified by the ACT Government need to be followed.