Student Leadership Opportunities

At JPC, we expect all students to demonstrate leadership and many informal opportunities are available to them. In the senior years, this expectation becomes even more explicit as we consider each student in Years 11 and 12 to be a Leader, mentor and role model to the younger students in the College.

Alongside these informal opportunities for leadership sits the formal Year 12 Student Leadership Structure which is founded on our core values of Justice, Peace and Courage. There are eight formal leadership positions, constituting the Year 12 Leadership Team. They consist of two College Captains and two Leaders of Justice, two Leaders of Peace and two Leaders of Courage.

The Year 12 Leadership Team provides mentoring to the Year 11 House Leadership team, and the two teams would work together on significant projects. Together, they enable the most holistic development of student voice in the community. The Year 12 Leadership Team also takes on some of the responsibilities for whole-school initiatives.

The College Captains are responsible for the overall direction of the Year 12 Leadership Team. They coordinate the vision of the team, chairing regular meetings, and overseeing the implementation of student-led initiatives. The College Captains are called on to represent JPC at official functions, and to act as spokespeople for the student body.

The two Leaders of Justice work on whole-school projects under the broad umbrella of the College value of justice, taking responsibility for initiatives concerning social justice, outreach and environmental sustainability.

The two Leaders of Peace work on whole-school projects under the broad umbrella of the College value of peace, taking responsibility for initiatives around the faith and mission of the College, and building cooperative relationships within JPC and in the broader community.

The two Leaders of Courage work on whole-school projects under the broad umbrella of the College value of courage, taking responsibility for initiatives around health and wellbeing, arts and culture and recognition and the promotion of student achievement.

The Year 12 Leadership positions are open to all Year 11 students who, if they wish to be considered, participate in a series of leadership workshops before nominating for a leadership position. The eight leaders are elected by their peers and the staff of the College and their specific portfolio is discerned by a panel after individual interviews.

Structured freedom

The transition to college is often highly anticipated by high school students who look forward to the freedom that comes with studying fewer classes on the formal timetable, thus providing non-scheduled lesson times. In an unstructured environment where students have the ability to come and go from the college at will, the potential for developing habits where they become disconnected from the community is very real. Classes and assessments can also be missed leading to serious academic consequences.

Given this, at JPC students are supported as they experience more freedom. In Term 1 of Year 11, they are required to be at school for the entire school day to assist them in establishing good work habits and in adapting to the increased demands of senior studies. Following this first term, more freedom to leave the College during non-scheduled lessons becomes available.