School Fees

2023 School Fee Schedule

Student Year Tuition Fee
(per Term)
College Levy
(Per Term)
Camps & Retreats Annual Fees
(without Building Fund)
Voluntary Building Fund
(Per Year, Per Family)
Total Annual Fees
(with Building Fund)
7 $1,231.00 $684.00 $438.00
(Term 1 Only)
$8,098.00 $800.00 $8,898.00
8 $1,231.00 $684.00 - $7,660.00 $800.00 $8,460.00
9 $1,264.00 $684.00 $286.00
(Term 3 Only)
$8,078.00 $800.00 $8,878.00
10 $1,264.00 $684.00 - $7,792.00 $800.00 $8,592.00
11 $1,536.00 $684.00 - $8,880.00 $800.00 $9,680.00
(3 Term Billing)
$2,048.00 $912.00 $240.00
(Term 3 Only)
$9,120.00 $800.00 $9,920.00

Tuition Fee

The fee, set by the Catholic Education Commission and collected by the College, to support the curriculum, pay all salaries and the CEO Levy, which administers Catholic Education in the Archdiocese.

Sibling Discounts

If you have more than one child at JPC or a student in another CE systemic secondary college, sibling discounts will be applied for the second and subsequent sibling. You will need to let us know if siblings are in a school other than JPC for these discounts to apply. Email the Finance Office here to apply for the sibling discount. Please note that these discounts apply to the tuition fee only.

Oldest Child Full Fee
Second Child 20% Discount
Third Child 50% Discount
Fourth Child 100% Discount

College Levy

The College Levy is the portion of fees that covers costs associated with general resources (eg. subject and school consumables) and facilities such as information technology support. It includes cover for all excursions under $20, transportation to school carnivals and maintenance costs with the College’s ongoing grounds improvements and maintenance program.

Building Fund Contribution

The Building Fund Contribution is a voluntary fee applied per family, and payable at the school attended by the eldest student. This is a tax deductible donation of $800 per year per family. It is through the generosity of all parents in the Catholic Education ACT system that we have our beautiful facilities at St John Paul II College.

If you do not intend to contribute in 2023, please write to the College by Friday, 13 January 2023, requesting that the Building Fund not be charged.
You need to let the College know each year if you do not wish to be charged.

Year 12 Fees

Total annual fees are invoiced over three Terms, rather than four. All Year 12 School Fees must be paid by the end of September 2023.

Please see School Fees Policy for full details of payment obligations: School Fees Policy under Enrolment.


  • Year 7 Students attend Camp in Term 1. The cost of this is $438.00, which is added to the Term 1 Fees.
  • Year 9 Students attend Camp in Term 3. The cost of this is $286.00, which is added to the Term 3 Fees.
  • Year 12 Retreat is held in Term 3. The cost of this is $240.00, which is added to the Term 3 Fees.

Payment Options

Payments can be made by:

  • BPay is now the preferred option and this will be debited from your nominated bank account. You will find the biller code and reference number on your latest fee statement.
  • Fees can also be paid by Cash or EFTPOS in person at the College Front Office.

Other Fees

  • Parents purchase an iPad for their son or daughter
  • Year 11 & 12 Design Technology – Students will be charged based on materials used per semester