JPC Senior Students - Car Register

St John Paul II College Senior Students who drive to school and park their vehicle on the school grounds are required to register their car with the school and complete the following agreement.

Please list all vehicles you may use on the JPC Campus.

Thank you

Students driving a vehicle to school must:

  • Have Permission (in the form of the agreement) from a parent/carer to drive a designated vehicle.
  • Provide a copy of the vehicle make, model, colour and licence plate number to the College.
  • Park in the appropriate areas of the student sections of the car park - CG car park or JG car park past the second speed bump.
  • Obey all ACT and College traffic rules.
  • Move promptly to and from the car park when arriving or exiting the college.

*Under CE Guidelines, learner drivers or provisional drivers should not transport other students on school related activities.

I agree to follow the ACT road rules while driving within the St John Paul II College grounds. I understand that if I drive in an unsafe manner it may be requested that I do not drive a vehicle to school for a period of time. I understand that this is to ensure the safety of myself and all members of the JPC Community.

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