House System

All staff and students are assigned to one of six Houses, each with its own identity. The Houses provide continuity and ongoing support for all students, with both formal and informal leadership opportunities. Students represent their Houses both within the College and out in the community.

Each House is named for a modern day prophet: inspirational men and women from every continent who walked in Christ’s footsteps in our time. As contemporaries of John Paul II, they represent his breadth of vision and generosity of spirit. We honour their lives and seek to take up their legacies through our Houses.

Our Houses include students from all year levels. A student remains within their House throughout their time in our community, building friendships and peer networks. As students progress to senior years, they play an important mentoring role for new students, learning through sharing knowledge with others. Students are also encouraged to pursue community projects through their Houses, building their skills as leaders, organisers and communicators.