Learning Support & Enrichment

Learning and growing together

Our College starts with the premise that every student has the right to learn, to progress, and to do so as part of a peer community. We are an inclusive school. Living out our values means supporting all students to learn together, responding to their diverse needs but recognising their common entitlement to belong.

The College’s unique teaching model accommodates different style of learning and rates of development. Our classrooms are designed to be flexible and welcoming spaces, well supported with technologies that are accessible to all students. Mentor teachers partnered with every student guide their progress, and help to set academic goals that students have the confidence to reach.

Individual needs are discussed in a sensitive and respectful manner, including the family in the goal-setting process.

Our teachers are flexible and adaptive in their approach. We look to harness each student’s interests and strengths, with teaching styles appropriate to their needs. The College is committed to the ongoing professional development of its staff, as the most important resource for our students and their families.

Support at every stage

Students with special educational needs are fully engaged in our classrooms.

For gifted students who progress more quickly than their peers, teachers provide the coaching and extension challenges to nurture their potential.

Students with disabilities and special needs are supported proactively and continually. Well before the school year begins, the College liaises closely with the student’s family and current school to ensure the appropriate structures in place. A Personalised Plan is developed based on the student’s individual educational needs and sets out the student’s pathway, including any modifications to the curriculum or assessment procedures identified through consultation. A Learning Support Teacher, along with the Mentor Teacher, monitors the student’s progress to ensure that his/her needs are being met.