A popular feature is our College canteen, where all meals are prepared on the premises from fresh, locally sourced and unprocessed ingredients. As part of our commitment to minimising landfill waste, no food is packaged.

Students are actively involved in the kitchen, learning about healthy food, ethical choices and the place of food in cultural life. They harvest produce from our College kitchen garden, and can volunteer in the canteen and commercial kitchen to build work-ready skills.

Canteen offerings change every day with a seasonal blackboard menu, set at minimal cost for accessibility for all families. Students enjoy their food in a café environment, using cutlery and crockery. The school uses pay point technology for families to load money onto the student’s account to ensure that no money changes hands in the canteen itself.

Canteen Menu

Recess - 10.55 am - 11:15 am
Lunch - 1.05 pm - 1.45 pm

Term 4 - Week 1

9- 13 October 

We will be serving fruit, yoghurt, ham, salami & salad rolls/wraps daily


- Quinoa, pistachio & honey carrot salad (NUTS)

- Tomato & basil pasta

- Refried bean, tomato & capsicum quesadillas

- Variety of melts


- Balsamic chicken with apple, spinach & lentil salad

- Vege noodle stir fry

- Chicken banh mi

- Choc chip muffins


- Chicken Caesar salad

- Creamy baked pumpkin risotto

- Cheesy bacon & black bean enchiladas


- Pearl couscous with grilled zucchini & feta

- Peri peri chicken burgers

- Mushroom & spinach bruschetta

- Coconut & lime cake


- Lemon, chicken Mediterranean salad

- Tuscan chicken pasta bake

- Beef burritos

* All menu items and prices are subject to change, based on availability

All chicken served in the Canteen is Halal

Gluten-free options - please speak to the canteen staff