Teaching & Learning

Self-Directed Learning: education for the twenty-first century

Our College approaches education as a lifetime journey. The high school and senior college years are critical, not simply as one of the most intense periods of our learning, but as the time when our habits and attitudes are shaped. Beyond the content in the school curriculum, we seek to impart the qualities of curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. These are the qualities that best prepare a student for the fast-changing economy and society they will enter.

We also recognise that each student’s journey will be unique. We believe that education should be molded to the individual: harnessing their individual gifts, responding to their individual needs, and supporting their individual aspirations.

For teachers, this means knowing students well and finding the best educational strategies to advance their learning.

For students, it means knowing themselves as learners, reflecting on their strengths and needs, and finding the inner drive to reach for success.

Students at JPC are active partners in education, in training to be resilient and motivated leaders in life.


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