Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is grounded in two fundamental principles: the conviction that every student possesses the capacity to learn, and the commitment to providing each student with a high-quality education. At JPC, we adopt the Catholic Education Catalyst pedagogical framework. Catalyst is a research-based approach, adopted by the system for students beginning in Kindergarten and all the way through to Year 12. This pedagogical framework is informed by both the Science of Reading and the Science of Learning to ensure all students progress through the learning continuum.

SJE Teaching
This framework is delivered using ‘High Impact Teaching Practices’ in all of our classes. This informs how our teachers develop, implement, and facilitate learning experiences that maximise learning opportunities for all students.

Our staff:

  • Hold the belief that all students have the capacity to learn.
  • Set high expectations of students and consistently apply these.
  • Establish routines and expectations to support all student’s participation.
  • Explicitly teach content in all subjects. Plan and develop lesson structures that optimise learning.
  • Use formative assessment and feedback to inform improvement in teaching and learning.
  • Regularly review content in the learning cycle to support engagement and students’ long term memory development.

Education is a collaborative exercise which can not be isolated from the crucial role families play in the learning process. We believe parents and carers are role models to students and are their first and most important teachers. We work with families to understand ways to support students in their learning, encouraging engagement, and communication with the College.