Every student at the College has a designated Mentor Teacher. This relationship is central to the student’s academic progress, as well as their personal development. Students and their Mentor teacher meet every week, as a group, in the Mentor lesson where students planning for ILT,  organisation and workload are checked and monitored. Every term, the Mentor Teacher meets with the student for an in-depth, one-on-one conversation on their progress, their goals and their wellbeing.

Mentor Teachers are trained in coaching techniques to understand and develop each student’s capabilities. By working with the student over time, they become a stable and trusted source of guidance.

Four concepts guide the discussion:

  1. Head: academic progress
  2. Heart: emotional well-being and relationships with others
  3. Hands: involvement in the College and the wider community
  4. Spirit: mindfulness, self-reflection and search for meaning

A report from each meeting is provided to parents, to help the College to partner with families in wrapping support around the student.

The Mentor Teacher is also available to students and families at any time outside the arranged meetings, for encouragement, advice and support.